Allen & Heath Xone V6 Rotary DJ Mixer

  • 2500.00 £
  • Published date: June 10, 2024
    • London Colney, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Allen & Heath Xone V6 Rotary DJ Mixer

⭕ For sale my xone V6 rotary mixer with crossfader & isolator module. Its a incredible machine .

Type: DJ Mixer

Number of Channels: 6

Brand: Allen & Heath

Analogue/Digital: Analogue

Model: Xone V6

Rack Mountable: Yes

MPN: Xone V6

Features: Equaliser, Integrated Effects Unit, Kill Switch, Send/Return

The Xone:V6 is an echo of the earliest days of pro audio, when idealistic individuals created outstanding products free from cost or time constraints. Such creations were never cheap. Nor did they sell in their thousands. But they did become landmark design classics. Our mission for Xone:V6 was simply to build the highest quality club mixer ever. We painstakingly refined our signal paths to optimise audio transparency. Hundreds of the best quality components were evaluated and of these only the very finest were approved for the project. The result is a mixer that gives great recordings the space and freedom to express their full warmth and clarity.

• 6 dual stereo channels
• Channels 5-6 valve preamp
• High pass filter on each channel
• Intelligent cue system
• Insert points for EQ isolator and Cross fader options
• Booth monitor and mic channel
• All valve input option available
• Separate auto sensing PSU

Input Channels
6 dual stereo channels with switchable sources [RCA]. CH1-4 are RIAA / Line, CH5-6 are Line / Line [RIAA inputs can be internally configured to line level if desired]. A rotary gain trim control knob is located in the meter housing on each channel - internal options for 0 /+6 / +10 dBu matching.

Valve [Tube] Section
Channels 5-6 each have a stereo valve [tube] preamplifier - ideal for mellowing harsh digital music sources. Each valve becomes an integral part of its channels pre-amplifier, adding the classic valve sound and warmth to any signals run through it. Careful circuit design ensures that noise and headroom are not compromised and the even harmonics associated with thermionic valve technology are enhanced.

PCB High quality double sided fiberglass
Noise <-100dBu channel insert, unity gain (measured 22Hz - 22kHz unweighted.
Phono input to balanced Mix output using Technics SL1210MK3D/Grado DJ200 cartridge <-84dBu (measured 22Hz - 22kHz unweighted)
Distortion 0.06% at 0dBu, 0.3% at +10dBu (mainly second harmonic)
Headroom +21dBu
Frequency Response 10Hz -- 30kHz +0/-0.5dB

Microphone input
High quality mic input. Metal shrouded balanced XLR connector on rear panel. Phantom power can be internally selected. A level control and 2 band EQ [120Hz / 2.5kHz] are on the front panel. A toggle switch selects mic on [when off, mic can be cued in headphone monitor]. Rear panel switch routes the mic to the booth output if needed. An insert point [TRS] jack is provided for external processing.

A large rotary control for high pass filter is provided on each channel, which sweeps from 30Hz to 600Hz - this is usually the only EQ needed as low end program can be filtered out as channels are mixed, thus preventing phasing and overload. The filter can be switched out using the hi-pass toggle switch. Insert points on each channel [rear - RCA] provide external processing access.

Intelligent cue system. Large chromed push buttons on each channel - illuminated by blue LED. Single push operation and auto-cancelling. Headphone monitoring incorporates a mix/cue preview control, headphone level, and bass-cut / HF-lift tone control. Front and rear headphone jacks are provided.

Rotary Faders
Precision Penny & Giles conductive plastic rotary controls are provided to mix the level on each channel.

Stereo Insert points [RCA] for each channel provide access to use external processing such as FX or EQ. Possible future options for V6 may interconnect here.

Master Out
Rotary control for level. 2 band EQ providing +/- 6dB @ 80Hz and 10kHz. Balanced XLR outputs [+4dBu]. Insert points [TRS] & additional [TRS] jack -2dBu outputs and recording [RCA, -10dBV] outputs are also provided. Twin 1950s design illuminated VU meters provide accurate output level monitoring.

Booth Monitor
Output is balanced XLR at +4dBu. With level control, and 2 band EQ providing +/-6dB @ 100Hz and 10kHz.

Custom - external, wall-mount power supply with unique intelligent circuitry which checks and monitors the mains AC voltage, and automatically configures the supply to suit. Voltage ranges from 100-265V @ 50/60Hz can be tolerated. Output is 60V up to 2 Amps with very low noise.

Phone number ✆ 01923 996732
London Colney, Hertfordshire

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