Duntech Sovereign 2001 The World's Most Accurate Loudspeaker

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  • Published date: May 16, 2024
    • Coverack, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Duntech Sovereign 2001 The World's Most Accurate Loudspeaker

⭕ Duntech Sovereign 2001 the worlds most accurate loudspeaker
and in Excellent condition, the best sounding speakers ever made no matter what

This are the only speakers than you can listened from one meter away
or twenty meter away and the sound will be the best a any distance

The Duntech Sovereign 2001 is the flagship of the Duntech range and acknowledged by experts
as the finest loudspeaker in the world, certainly the most accurate.

you can play in a room of 5 x 8 or room of 50 x 100 feet and the sound will be exact the same
you can used 25 Watt amplifier or 1000 Watt amplifier and you will have the same detail and quality sound
you will love the sound


It was not called the worlds most accurate loudspeaker for nothing

The Sovereign is the flagship of the Duntech range and acknowledged by experts as the finest loudspeaker in the world, certainly the most accurate.
The Sovereign uses a seven driver system with the drivers symmetrically arranged on a vertical axis and time aligned.
The woofers have rigid magnesium diecast baskets and use PHA cone material. A vented, long throw magnet system reduces air movement noise. These low distortion drivers incorporate hexacoil technology for very high power handling and display excellent linear dynamic response.

The bass drivers feature a large diameter aluminium voice coil and former, a wide dispersion pattern, excellent phase characteristics and fast transient response. The soft domed, mid-range drivers are aperiodically damped and the use of ferrofluid dissipates heat very efficiently. The double chamber tweeter exhibits extremely linear response with low distortion and wide dispersion. The high precision, vented pole plate and pole piece is constructed around a special high-flux ferrite magnet and the textile diaphragm is hand coated.
The crossover is a highly complex, first order type with high power handling. The fibreglass printed circuit board is mounted in its own separate cavity. Polypropylene capacitors are used for their stability, high voltage, low loss and low inductance, together with aircore inductors. Resistors are high powered ceramic type.
Input terminals are gold plated on nickel and are an exclusive Duntech Audio design.

The terminals are spaced for easy access and accept a banana, spade or wire connection.
The cabinet is made of custom wood laminated in thickness up to 33mm (1.3). It is heavily braced with hardwood to reduce resonances and vibration to inaudible levels.
An optimized, sealed enclosure is used to provide accurate reproduction in preference to a vented enclosure which very often produces a woolly or ill-defined sound.
The cabinet is step baffled to provide time alignment. Selected grades and sizes of foam are strategically positioned internally to optimize driver performance.
Each driver is mounted on gaskets in a separate enclosure. Drivers are fixed with hardened steel machine screws in metal threads.
Sound absorbing, organic felt is used extensively to minimize diffraction distortion and is hand tailored to the shape of the cabinet front.
The Sovereign is available in a choice of hand finished, high quality, wood veneers. Customized finished are also available upon request. The grill frame is an integral part of the loudspeaker design and is covered in acoustically transparent black cloth.

Frequency Response
Measured at 3.5M (11.5ft) on the tweeter axis 27Hz-20KHz
Referenced at 1M (3.3 ft) on tweeter axis with an input of 2.83 volts RMS (1 watt at 8 ohms) 90dB SPL
Nominal Impedance
Variance 4 ohms
Power Rating Peak power for 10 mS 1000 watts
Recommended Amplifier Power
Minimum RMS per channel 100 watts
Pulse Coherency Factor
Propagation time error at 3.5M (11.5 ft) on tweeter axis Less than
Harmonic Distortion
Referenced at 1M (3.3 ft) on the tweeter axis with an input of 2.83 volts RMS (1 watt at 8 ohms) Less than
0.3% THD
above 50Hz
Relative Phase Variation Versus Frequency
Varies less that ±25 deg 80Hz-18KHz
First order type Yes
2x300mm (12)
2x175mm (7)
2x54mm (2)
1x19mm (3/4)
Input Terminals
Gold plated and accepts banana, spade or cable connections Yes
Bi-Wiring Yes
Passive Bi-Amplification Yes
Footnote: All measurements taken at ambient temperature of 23°C (72°F)
Brazilian Rosewood
Black Oak
Acoustically transparent black cloth

1875mm (74)
360mm (14)
862mm (34)
Per cabinet

Phone number ✆ 01326 639457
Coverack, Cornwall

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