Jensen Imperial Speaker System

  • 3700.00 £
  • Published date: May 13, 2024
    • Minstead, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Jensen Imperial Speaker System

⭕ The Jensen Imperial is a 3-way divided system type in a large back-loading folded-horn cabinet to provide a system without compromise capable of the highest degree of high fidelity performance truly approaching perfection. The important middle frequency ranges between 600 and 4000 cycles passes through a special balancing and smoothing equalizer and a level control to the horn type m-f unit. It is widely recognized that such a system must incorporate design coordinated speaker units for full realization of the potential performance. The Jensen Imperial speaker system includes the units which assembled in the Imperial back-loading folded horn comprise such a system with performance unexcelled. Coded wiring cables and the special mounting brackets are provided for greatest ease in assembly. This speaker system includes in each: Jensen P15-LL Special 15, Jensen RP-201, Jensen A-61 (600 Cycle Network), Jensen A-402 (4000 Cycle Network), M-1131 Intra-range Equalizer. Dimensions approximated at: Length-24 1/2, Width-33, Height-54 1/2, between 200-250 lbs each speaker, its too heavy to put on scale to weigh, so just a rough estimation.

As you can see in the pictures, one speaker was bought before the other one, which was bought from a different time. Same quality and sound, recently tested, in very good working condition, bass is incredible, midrange and high frequency is awesome. Back then, it was mono sound, when you put it together, it becomes stereo.

Phone number ✆ 023 6017 5351
Minstead, Hampshire

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