Linn LP12 With Extras

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  • Published date: July 2, 2024
    • Yoxall, Staffordshire, United Kingdom

Linn LP12 With Extras

⭕ Linn LP12 with Linn Kore Sub-Chasis, Lingo II, Funk Firm FxR II, Woodsong Plinth

The cherry LP12 was purchased new in Jan 2013, and has had significant upgrades applied to it over the last 2 years. The Linn Kore 1 piece sub-chassis was a major improvement! All upgrade work was performed by the authorized Linn. All upgrades have their original boxes as well. I will include the original cherry plinth and armboard and sub-chassis. Will also include the original Linn felt mat.

Why am I selling something that I love this dearly... I am looking to have a first kid soon and am transitioning into computer audio as it will be slightly more kid friendly than an LP12 is.... This LP12 is absolutely beautiful- one of the finest plinths I have ever seen. 100% mint everything- no scratches or dings to be found anywhere. Ad includes the LP12, Lyra Cartridge, Tonearm, Tonearm cable, HRS Disc, Funk Firm mat, Linn Kore sub-chassis, Linn Lingo II, Woodsong plinth, Linn Cherry plinth, original sub chassis and arm board and LP12 felt mat. The Kore sub-chassis will fit all Linn tonearms. It has the standard 6 hole opening that all Linn armboards have, will also fit many other tonearms on the market. Comes with 30 days return policy. Will ship or collection can be arranged.

Items in this LP12 package listed below:
Linn LP12 w/ Cherry Plinth and sub-chassis (new in early 2013)
Linn Kore Sub-Chassis
Linn Lingo II in black
Linn Solid Base
Linn Dustcover and Hinges
Lyra Delos Cartridge
Woodsong Audio Oregon Myrtle Plinth
Funk Firm FXR ii Tonearm
Funk Firm Achromat 5mm
HRS Lightweight Analog Disk ADL
Audioquest Leopard 1.2M Tonearm Cable

The FXR ii tonearm is FANTASTIC, blew away my expectations.

Phone number ✆ 01785 858906
Yoxall, Staffordshire

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