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  • Published date: May 11, 2024
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⭕ Unit is in SUPERB condition, shows very, very minor wear and tear.
Unit is in EXCELLENT working condition and sounds great.
Handles tape smoothly in all transport modes. Records and plays with amazing fidelity.
Heads show barely perceptible wear.
This T-Audio has the optional manual editing mode (with automatic placing of tape over the built-in scissors at the press of a button) and headphone/internal loudspeaker monitoring.
Includes Flight Case with two Nakamichi Corp shipping labels (see photos).
Includes Original Owners Manual and a copy of the Service Manual obtained from NAGRA USA.
Includes Original Smoked Dustcover.
Hub adapters, tape, and take-up reel not included.

Introduced in 1981, the NAGRA T-Audio is an incredible example of late 20th centruy industrial art. The design and construction of this recorder is exquisite, to say the least. All of the guides in the tape path rotate via ball bearings except for the fixed guides in the head block, which are made of ruby! Even the tape tension sensor contacts the tape thru a polished ruby surface.

This exotic and very costly device was introduced by Kudelski in about 1976. It is of modular form and uses a tape transport based on (and looking very similar to) the Nagra Ti instrumentation recorder. It was also the only full-sized audio tape tape machine that Nagra /Kudelski produced, and was an ideal studio counterpart to their famous portable audio recorders.

The Nagra T-Audio was available in a number of options, but was also supplied in two basic transport versions of tape transport:

Type NTA.2S - 2.75mm track Stereo (This example)
Type NTA.2B - 2.00mm track Broadcast (Not this example)

The Stereo version came with a full track erase head and was intended as a straight forward high quality audio mastering machine.

Both base machines would then have various options added. These included a clever manual editing mode (with automatic placing of tape over the built-in scissors at the press of a button), and headphone/internal loudspeaker monitoring.

From the Owners Manual:
The NAGRA T-Audio is a transportable 1/4 (6.35 mm) studio recorder. It has two capstan motors and an inter-head tension sensor ensuring a very stable tape transport. The servo controlled motors linked with this sensor also ensure almost unmeasurable wow and flutter.

The transport can take 5 or 7 reels with its lid in place, and up to 11.8 reels with the lid removed. Different types of spools can be fitted to the machine depending on the interchangeable hubs selected. The machine is equipped with an electronic counter, and wide band predistortion record circuits (TACAL) can be added to the audio boards, in the place of the TACAL-S circuits normally installed, giving exceptionally high recording levels without increased distortion. The size, weight and low power consumption of the T-Audio make it very practical for mobile applications. It can be delivered in various different standard versions and different accessories can be used, in order to make the machine fit perfectly into any application

All versions have a possibility of four tape speeds 76, 38, 19 and 9.5 cm/s (30, 15, 7 1/2 and 3 3/4 ips) each of which can be calibrated to any tape type and equalization standard. (only two of these are fitted with recording equalization circuits as standard, the other two are optional). All audio inputs and outputs are of the 3-pole XLR type. All versions are also fitted with the TA-PPA connector for a second keyboard for remote control purposes.

NTA.2S NAGRA T-AUDIO STEREO. The stereophonic version has two 2.75 mm tracks. This version has a full track erase head. No time code.

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