Omnia 6 EX + HD FM Broadcast Processor

  • 1900.00 £
  • Published date: June 21, 2024
    • Hertingfordbury, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Omnia 6 EX + HD FM Broadcast Processor

⭕ Selectable,four-frequency high pass filter
Selectable phase rotator
Wide-band automatic gain control(AGC)stage
Space-EFX adjustable stereo enhancement algorithm
Five-band adjustable crossover network(an Omnia-6 first)
Adjustable five-band AGC
Bass Management low frequency enhancement-with up to 16dB of adjustment range-allows very fine bass control not possible on other processors.Adjust the amount of deep bass,the bass clipper threshold,and more.
Fixed six band pre-limiter crossover
Completely adjustable,over-sampled six band limiter
More Features:
Post multi-band limiter mixer
High performance,non-aliasing,distortion-canceling clipper for the conventional FM channel
High performance look ahead limiter for the HD channel
DSP based digital stereo generator
Digital composite clipper sampled at 768 kHz with >50dB of stereo pilot protection
To interface with the Omnia 6 you have:
Dual,adjustable analog composite outputs
Discrete,adjustable balanced analog audio outputs
Adjustable front panel high-drive headphone output
2 AES3 outputs selectable for 32,44.1,48,or 96 kHz
AES3 input:32--96 kHz compatible
AES3 synchronizing input
10/100-Base-T Ethernet port
System software and programming presets stored on a removable PCMCIA memory card
Just to confirm,this model has only 1 Digital Output,unlike the latest Omnia 6 Models which now come with 2 Digital Outputs.Omnia can fit extra output if required on the request of new owner at cost,if required.
The future is coming.With Omnia-6EX,youre ready.
Introducing Omnia-6EX HD+FM.the unique parallel-output audio processor for Digital and Conventional FM. Theres a lot of buzz about the new HD Radio codec.Weve heard it and agree with the many others who like it and say its now time to get on with radios transition to digital.
Because HD Radio and DAB systems can transmit audio frequencies up to 20kHz,listeners will finally be allowed to hear the full CD spectrum--if their radio stations choose the right on-air processor.On this point,you should know something important:Some HD processors simply hack off everything above 15kHz.robbing listeners of the full HD Radio experience and keeping our industry in a fidelity backwater.The new Omnia-6EX wont short-change your listeners.
Weve built Omnias with sampling rates of 48kHz and higher from the start.All along,weve needed the sampling headroom to keep analog FM audio grunge-free.Now its essential for DAB and HD Radio.Even if some listeners wouldnt notice the missing high frequencies,theres a fair chance they would hear a sharp 15kHz low-pass filter operating within HD Radios codec range.
Omnia-6EX has a unique parallel processing structure that routes audio from the mixer section to separate output stages for conventional FM and DAB.The FM section receives distortion-controlled final limiting with pre-emphasis,and an upper-frequency response of 15 kHz.The DAB section has a multi-band Look-Ahead final limiter with user-selectable frequency response all the way up to the full audio bandwidth of 20 kHz.
Omnia-6EX is also full of processing enhancements that result in yet more bass punch,yet more voice clarity, than the original Omnia-6.A sound so powerful and free of artificial constraints,youll crave it for your station the first time you hear it.In fact,more than 50% of the US Top 100 FM stations have already upgraded to Omnia.

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Hertingfordbury, Hertfordshire

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