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  • Published date: April 1, 2024
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⭕ The instrument you see here is the Curly Maple Drum Buddy, built by Quintron for his 2010 NOMA series.
Less than 30 Drum Buddies have been produced since its invention in 1999, and no more Drum Buddies will ever be produced like the 5 from this series. This is the finest and best sounding Drum Buddy yet! No expense was spared.

All NOMA series Drum Buddies feature mirrored tops and anodized metallic pipes.

All NOMA series Drum Buddies feature a lighted inside and back panel as well as a glowing platter mount.

All NOMA series Drum Buddies feature a key switch to turn the instrument on and off.

Every instrument in this series also features a one-of-kind dovetailed cabinet, each built from a different wood by expert craftsman and artist Hunter Roth.

The wood on this cabinet is called Curly Maple, also known as flamed maple, fiddleback or tiger stripe. The wood fibers in curly maple are distorted in an undulating pattern, producing wavy lines known as flames. Because of its beautiful almost 3-dimensional appearance, this wood is used frequently in the manufacture of furniture and musical instruments, most notably the legendary Gibson Les Paul. Curly maple was also often used for making the stocks of Kentucky Rifles used in the American revolutionary war.

This instrument is a one of a kind beat and noise making machine which uniquely replicates Kick, Snare, Bass, and Space sounds. The individual oscillators are triggered and/or filtered via light sensors that are located in multi-colored tubes surrounding a rotating can with holes in it. As the can rotates the frequency of light holes creates a rhythmic pattern, much like an old music box rotating and plucking metal tines. The can may also be spun and worked with your hands much the same way a vinyl DJ would spin and scratch records. In addition to the synth part of the Drum Buddy, this model also includes a Wobble feature which allows the user to plug any instrument into the back and then control the sound by moving the light holes in front of the yellow pipe. The effect is similar to an Auto Wah but with much more control. For instance your friend could be doing an organ solo thru the Drum Buddy and you can scratch and spin their notes as they are playing them, giving you fun god-like powers over your band-mates sound! The Wobble feature is a completely separate circuit from the standard Drum Buddy sounds and can be used simultaneously with the synth.

In addition to the above features, this instrument will also come with a Speed Pedal switch allowing you the option to either control the can rotation speed (BPM) with the console knob or with your foot. The console knob is a 10-turn 10 K pot that can make the can go faster or slower in very small increments. This is great when you want to match beats with a record or drum machine or live band. The speed pedal lets the player go from slow to fast with one whoosh of the foot. This is awesome when you have it in wobble mode and you want to vary the wobble effect while playing your instrument with both hands. This custom designed speed pedal is of course included.

This Curly Maple Drum Buddy will include SIX BEAT CANS with six different rhythmic patterns - all made by Quintron specifically for this particular instrument. Every instrument is different, every can is different. This is Curlys special six pack:

1. Two Step Wobble

2. Slow Ride

3. Happy Beat

4. Latin Flavor

5. Random Wobble

6. Jungle

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