Site Safety System

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  • Published date: June 15, 2024
    • Donnington, West Sussex, United Kingdom

Site Safety System

⭕ This Bi-Directional Site Safety System is designed to improve safety conditions for workers in environments with excess noise and poor visibility. This system will help to protect against machine vs worker collisions and worker intrusion into hazardous areas.

The worker transmitter (Tx) unit is installed inside the worker safety helmet and uses state of the art triangulation technology that ensures precise range detection, the machine receiver (Rx) unit can be installed in or on any machinery or hazardous area, when the worker approaches within a pre-set distance of the Rx unit the buzzer alarm in the worker Tx unit will sound, warning the worker of the proximity to a potential hazard, meanwhile the relay output on the Rx unit will trigger the external alarm to alert the machine/area operator.

A single system can have a maximum of twenty (20) Rx units and a maximum of eighty (80) Tx units.

The worker (Tx) unit is designed to fit in the top of the safety helmet to achieve the best triangulation position so that signal transmissions and receptions are not obstructed by the human body, the (Tx) unit consists of 3x transmitters that accurately triangulate the workers distance from the (Rx) unit regardless of direction, so it does not matter if the worker is facing, in front, adjacent, above or below the (Rx) unit an accurate distance is always calculated.

The (Rx) unit includes an antenna with a 3 meter extension cable and a magnetic base for attaching to machinery or placement in a hazardous area in the vertical position and incorporates an NO (Normally Open) relay output for triggering an external alarm and warning light, it can be powered by any 12V - 24V DC power input.

The worker (Tx) unit has a Seven (7) segment LED display for setting the detection range with a hexadecimal code, a lower code equate to a shorted distance, for example: the distance code 2B will be a shorter distance than 2F or 33, the maximum distance that can be set is 120 meters using code 8A.

This system aides worker safety in many environments where excess noise or poor visibility can be dangerous, not only construction sites but factory floors, saw mills, assembly plants, refineries etc.

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