Build A Solar Swimming Pool Heater

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Build A Solar Swimming Pool Heater

⭕ Do you have a swimming pool at home?

You might be interested to know that you can build a swimming pool heater with common materials. The power source of this heater is heat from the sun. Pool heating is just one of the many solar applications that households can easily adapt. The system can be built from scratch and require cheap and easy to source materials. If you are thinking of engaging in a worthwhile do-it-yourself project, read on and learn more about how to you can make a simple heating system for your pool without spending more than a hundred dollars.

Benefits to the household

Having an operations solar swimming pool heater benefits the household in many ways. First, it can lower the electric bill significantly. Second, the family can enjoy longer hours in warm waters of the pool. Third, this kind of system can also serve as a model for the community on how households may contribute to the reduction of greenhouse emissions.

Materials and equipment needed

Some hardware stores now carry solar heating pool kits for DIY enthusiasts. The kit consists of solar collector panels; flex hoses, adaptors, and valves. In order to determine the number collector panels needed for your pool, measure the surface of the pool, and get the 50% value. This measurement is the surface area for your solar collectors. For example, if the pool measures about 50 square metres, the collector surface must be at least 25 square metres. When using more than one solar collector panel, you must connect them in parallel.

Fully automatic digital controllers are available as well. The function of this device is to turn the system on and off automatically given preset parameters such as heat availability and water temperature.

Simple layout and design

The solar collector panel is easy to set up. The most critical aspects of the main component of the system are the location and orientation of the panels. They must be placed on an outdoor are where they capture the rays of the sun as it travels from east to west during the course of the day. The panels must also be placed at a location that does not expose them to high winds. The solar collector is a multi-tube system that carries pool water to be heated by the system. The powerful rays of the sun become the source of the heat that increases the water temperature. A series of pipes carry the water to the collector and then directs the flow back to the pool.

Every residential pool system consists of PVC pipes that contain the flow of water, a pump, a filter, and a controller. As such, these systems are already in place and you only need to run an extra set of pipes or hoses that connect to the collector panel. Valves need to be placed strategically to allow the panel to heat the water adequately as it flows through the collector panel. These valves allow you to make adjustment on the amount of heat applied to the water in the pool.

If your state offers tax incentives for solar technology applications, you might as well start purchasing materials and scheduling work hours to build your very own solar swimming pool heater system.

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