Silver Six Tube Stereo Mono Block Amp

  • 2650.00 £
  • Published date: June 16, 2024
    • Barrington, Somerset, United Kingdom

Silver Six Tube Stereo Mono Block Amp

⭕ Carver Vintage Silver Six Tube Stereo Mono Block Amp


Here we have a majestic tube amplifier that I designed long ago. It delivers 450 watts into eight and four ohms, with 575 watts into one ohm.

It is MINT!

I designed the output transformer with the help of David Hafler after I had tried and tried to wind one that worked, but could not. I was in abject despair and almost in desperation when I called called David Hafler, the president and founder of Dynaco. David taught me how to wind a transformer over the phone, and he made it seem easy. it was not of course, and when he explained ..... Have the mandrill rotate clockwise and guide the wire left to right for the first layer of primary, then reverse the winding rotation and wind from right to left with the top of the mandrill rotating downward. See, its easy! This cancels out leakage reactance along with a lot of inter-winding capacitance.

Phone number ✆ 07911 264487
Barrington, Somerset

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