My London For Your NYC Or New Jersey

  • 1400.00 £
  • Published date: July 9, 2024
    • Bewdley, Worcestershire, United Kingdom

My London For Your NYC Or New Jersey

⭕ I have a two bedroom garden flat in an attractive village in north west London, convenient for shops (there is a well-supplied grocery store at the end of the road) and, although zone 4, with good transport links into central London. If you google Roe Green and Kingsbury you can find out about the area.

I am a former politics lecturer in my late 50s, with dual citizenship. I would probably want to leave storage trunks (my late parents things) in the flat but both bedrooms are usable - one free of trunks, the other a large room with a number of trunks in it - and the flat otherwise fairly uncluttered and light. Otherwise, the trunks could be stored for about 50 pounds a week.

The garden is secluded and big for London (advertised as 80 feet, although probably less than that), although I came back from holiday last year to find it had been cut back by neighbours or the tenants or perhaps the freeholder (Im a leaseholder), and so I would want the person taking on the flat to be able to fight off neighbours, although hopefully not literally. It has off street parking if you want it. I feed the animals in the garden and sometimes on the nearby Green and would prefer someone who did, but otherwise they will find somewhere else. I pay council tax (about 120 pcm), gas and electricity (similar), water twice a year, insurance (70 pcm). So bills are around 300 a month or more, but I pay no mortgage. I tend to use the less dangerous (in terms of headaches, suppressed appetite and coughs) electric oil heaters because I believe there are heavy gas emissions from the central heating, but I believe this to be the case in many areas, and in New York as well as London. In terms of surveillance, I am reminded most of the area around Rutgers, in New Jersey, in the sense of there being a lot of activity on what should be fairly quiet streets, but that is not to say they do it to everybody.

I would be happy to look after any animals you have. I would prefer somewhere self contained but it neednt be a two-bedroom apartment. I am a non smoker and vegetarian and dont drink alcohol. I do drink tea, which may be one reason local dentists have pulled otherwise good teeth, so I would advise travelling out of Brent if you do need a dentist.

This is a genuine ad and the flat is my only property and where I currently live. I worked in the UK for over 25 years and did my degrees here but would like to go back for some time to the US, where my mother was from. Ive spent 9-10 months there in the last four years (in New York - mainly the Murray Hill and Gramercy areas and Chinatown in Manhattan - and Newark, New Jersey) but no longer have money to stay in hotels or rent while still paying bills.

The flat will be available from whenever anyone is interested but for a minimum of one year or perhaps six months, with extension by agreement. My postcode is NW9 9AR in case it doesnt show on the ad. Ill post more up to date photos, including of a more cleared second room, but there are also emissions from the pc and I cant upload onto the chromebook.

Phone number ✆ 01905 380319
Bewdley, Worcestershire

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