Place To Live, Relationship, Looking For The Moon? (anywhere)

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  • Published date: April 8, 2024
    • Thornaby On Tees, Durham, United Kingdom

Place To Live, Relationship, Looking For The Moon? (anywhere)

⭕ I was in short term relationship for 2 years ended abruptly 6 months ago. Wasnt really looking, and was busy, had some traveling. But the past 2 years just been in London. Lately been thinking of a relationship, dating, and lol that is interesting in itself. And yes... the time issue is a big thing, combined with traffic. lol.

To be honest I am looking more for someone in the same mindset, some similar interests, which being I am in my late 30s may or may not be right for you or me. I do not mind all ages in general, but I am finding especially around London that the younger are more scattered, shallow, attached to social media and false pretenses. I have some depth, smart, witty, positive, and fun, and enjoy the real world and real connections. I find that lacking in this area, and in many of the people. NOT saying that is you... just rambling.

I am also looking for a place to live. So while I do work, and sometimes have crazy deadlines or free time, that is transitioning into something else as I have been slowly getting things in what I am doing to come to conclusions.

So friends told me to have fun with it all and post on CL... as what the heck right? Could be all a bunch of crazy responses. But what if there is that special response? Well a man can dream right? lol.

I am a white male 30s, 6 2 , smart, witty, fun, adventurous, educated, and always positive. While it is true I am looking for a place, relationship, and maybe even new direction in my interests of work.... that does not mean I am rushing into anything that is not what would work for me or make me... or if there is an us.... happy.

So yes... rather unorthodox posting... but what the heck I say and have fun at lifes strange twist of events. Maybe there is such a thing as an exchange? I know nothing is free. lol. But stranger things have happened. Let me know any thought or ideas. Thanks!

Phone number ✆ 07911 253899
Thornaby On Tees, Durham

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