Smashing Two Bedroom Flat In Bloomsbury - London Town

  • 65.00 £
  • Published date: June 10, 2024
    • Throwley, Kent, United Kingdom

Smashing Two Bedroom Flat In Bloomsbury - London Town

⭕ The best choice for your UK stay! This smashing two bedroom flat is centrally located bringing all of Londons major attractions right to your doorstep. The London Town Flat provides the best comfort, style, service, affordability and last but not least -location! Ideal holiday home for a family looking to explore London from a central base

A wonderful 2 bedroom apartment with a separate kitchen and bathroom with bathtub/shower. Sleeps 4-6.

Flat Layout: Sleeps up to 6 people. 2 in each bedroom plus 2 on sofa bed in living room, one bathroom, kitchen, dining area and living room.

Beds layout:

Main bedroom has 1 queen size bed that can be converted into 2 single beds

Second bedroom has 2 single beds that can be converted into 1 double beds ( or just 1 single bed keeping the extra bed under)

Living area has a comfortable double folded sofa bed.

The flat is in the historic area in Central London, in the heart of London but away from the crowds is the perfect combination of personality and practicality packed with local restaurants, cafes, pubs and more to ensure that you have all you need within an arms reach at any time. Nearest tube stations are Russell Square and King Cross underground stations within a 10 minute walking distance link you to all of Londons major sightseeing attractions in the blink of an eye.

The entire area is dense with ancient buildings and famous garden squares but at the same time close to contemporary London and the famous sights and attractions. Many buildings survive from before the Great Fire of 1666, including the magnificent timber-framed faÃÆÆÆÃƆÃÆƆÃÆÆÆÃƢ€ ÃÆÆÆÃƆÃÆÆ¢ÃÆ¢â€Ã. . .¡Ã‚¬ÃÆ‚ ÃÆÆÆÃƆÃÆƆÃÆÆÆÃÆ‚¢ÃÆÆ¢ÃƢ€Ã. . .¡ÃÆ‚¬ÃÆÆâ€Ã. . .¡ÃÆ‚ ÃÆÆÆÃƆÃÆƆÃÆÆÆÃƢ€ ÃÆÆÆÃƆÃÆÆâ€Ã. . .¡ÃÆ‚¢ÃÆÆÆÃÆ‚¢ÃÆÆ¢ÃÆ¢â€Ã. . .¡Ã‚¬ÃÆ. . .¡ÃÆÆâ€Ã. . .¡ÃÆ‚¬ÃÆÆÆÃƢ€Ã. . .¡ÃÆÆâ€Ã. . .¡ÃÆ‚ ÃÆÆÆÃƆÃÆƆÃÆÆÆÃƢ€ ÃÆÆÆÃƆÃÆÆ¢ÃÆ¢â€Ã. . .¡Ã‚¬ÃÆ‚ ÃÆÆÆÃƆÃÆƆÃÆÆÆÃƢ€Ã. . .¡ÃÆÆâ€Ã. . .¡ÃÆ‚¢ÃÆÆÆÃƆÃÆÆâ€Ã. . .¡ÃÆ‚¢ÃÆÆÆÃÆ‚¢ÃÆÆ¢ÃƢ€Ã. . .¡ÃÆ‚¬ÃÆÆ. . .ÃÆ‚¡ÃÆÆÆÃƢ€Ã. . .¡ÃÆÆâ€Ã. . .¡ÃÆ‚¬ÃÆÆÆÃƆ. . .ÃÆÆÆÃƢ€Ã. . .¡ÃÆÆâ€Ã. . .¡ÃÆ‚¡ÃÆÆÆÃƆÃÆƆÃÆÆÆÃƢ€ ÃÆÆÆÃƆÃÆÆâ€Ã. . .¡ÃÆ‚¢ÃÆÆÆÃÆ‚¢ÃÆÆ¢ÃÆ¢â€Ã. . .¡Ã‚¬ÃÆ. . .¡ÃÆÆâ€Ã. . .¡ÃÆ‚¬ÃÆÆÆ. . .ÃÆÆâ€Ã. . .¡ÃÆ‚¡ÃÆÆÆÃƆÃÆƆÃÆÆÆÃÆ‚¢ÃÆÆ¢ÃƢ€Ã. . .¡ÃÆ‚¬ÃÆÆ. . .ÃÆ‚¡ÃÆÆÆÃƆÃÆÆ¢ÃÆ¢â€Ã. . .¡Ã‚¬ÃÆ. . .¡ÃÆÆÆÃƢ€Ã. . .¡ÃÆÆâ€Ã. . .¡ÃÆ‚§ade of Staple Inn.

Also close by is the Arthouse Renoir Cinema...showing the best in recently released independent films and classics.

There is a lovely independent coffee shop across the road where one can relax and read a the paper and take in life in.

Phone number ✆ 01622 246809

Throwley, Kent

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