Father Of Murdered Daughter Needs Help With Her Funeral Expenses

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  • Published date: July 11, 2024
    • Newquay, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Father Of Murdered Daughter Needs Help With Her Funeral Expenses

⭕ Please go to this link to donate to help me raise the money I need.


Please read and share this with all your family and friends.

I only have days left to get my daughters remains out of the morgue or the state will dispose of her remains.

Please help

From the Father of Ellie-Jo

Please I need help to bring my family back to Florida and to pay for my beloved daughters funeral expenses.

Please read my post and please donate to help me, every dollar helps. Please

My daughter Eleanor Josephine Sciacca (Maiden name) who was named after my mother and grandmother.

Ellie-Jo was my first born child and truly the light and joy of my life.

Having been a single dad I raised Ellie-Jo largely on my own but never did I feel like she was a burden, quite the opposite.

Ellie-jo as we called her was the warmest, happiest person I ever knew, she had a smile that lit up the night, she melted the coldest ice with her love.

She never knew hatred because she was always so loving, Ellie-Jo was love in its finest form.

She never was a stranger to anyone nor was anyone ever a stranger to her as she always saw everyone she ever met as a new friend, a person to share a smile with.

Ellie was the kind of person everyone loved to be around and gravitated to, she was warm, friendly, loving, kind, trusting and compassionate.

She believed in kindness, always saying Todays a good day to perform a random act of kindness.

She truly went out of her way to bring joy to everyone in her life.

My precious daughter always saw the good in everyone even when there was very little good in the person as is the case with the man who murdered her.

The person who murdered my daughter was her first high school love who she met when she was just 14 years old.

Though their short lived high school romance did end years ago while they were both in high school they remained casual friends even though his behavior was often inappropriate and abusive.

Over last years holiday season her murderer had reached out to her and with the usual apologies and false promises of most abusers and he had sweet talked her into going to see him after the New Year.

Agreeing to meet with him, against our warnings of his dangerous temper she went to meet with him on the afternoon of January 4, 2016 and that was the last any of us heard from my daughter ever again.

Her body was found 3 weeks later badly decomposed and largely consumed by animals having been buried in a remote wooded area in a shallow grave.

After months of investigation, search warrants and interrogations it was determined that he had taken my daughter to his apartment gaining her trust by stating that his live in pregnant fiancé would be there.

No one knows for sure what took place next but its suspected that despite his fiancé being there he and his fiancée had wanted something more from my daughter then she was willing to give and my daughter ended up in the fight of her life where this man and his fiancée beat and strangled my daughter to death.

He and his fiancée then drove my daughters lifeless body 22 miles to a remote wooded area and dumped her into a hastily dug shallow grave where she was left to rot.

He later confessed to luring her to his apartment where he and his girlfriend beat her and he strangled her to death.

Suddenly I was informed the investigators and medical examiners completed their investigations and her remains are now ready to be released to me for a proper burial.

Having traveled back and forth from New Jersey to Florida throughout the past year in regards to my daughters murder, I have used what limited resources I had including maxing out my credit cards.

Now I am desperately trying to raise the money I need to get myself and my family (me and my 4 surviving children) back to Florida and to pay for her long awaited funeral so I can properly lay my beloved daughter to rest.

If I dont come up with the money soon the state of Florida will dispose of my daughters remains in an undignified manner without the presence of me and my surviving children and family members and friends.

Thank you very much for kindness and help and GOD Bless you


Ellie-Jos heartbroken father

To donate please go to https://www.youcaring.com/vincentsciacca-747205

Please share this link with all the people you can. Please

Phone number ✆ 01326 958530
Newquay, Cornwall

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