Two Framed And Glazed Japanese Woodblock Prints By Sadeanobu Hasegawa

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  • Published date: June 8, 2024
    • Lisburn, Nothern Ireland, United Kingdom

Two Framed And Glazed Japanese Woodblock Prints By Sadeanobu Hasegawa

⭕ Two framed and glazed Japanese prints comprising Warrior Kajiwara Kagesue and Lady Yaegakihime both by Sadanobu Hasegawa, approx 42.5cm x 58cm.

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Age: 1950s


in good condition



Sadanobu Hasegawa III is the third in a long line of Japanese printmakers. His style is rather popular and straightforward, a kind of attempt to combine old ukiyo-e tradition and subjects with a modern appeal with a focus on good artisan work.

Sadanobu Hasegawa III - Biography
Sadanobu III was born in Osaka as the son of Sadanobu II. He continued his family tradition and tried to adopt the art of Japanese printmaking to the 20th century with changing tastes and changing markets for this old trade.

Sadanobu III picks up old subjects of the ukiyo-e tradition like the kabuki theater, the bunraku puppet theater, beautiful young girls from Kyoto, genre scenes and events from Japans medieval history and legends.

The artist shows his subjects in a style that obviously caters for a foreign market with a kind of Japanese Disneyland image.

Commissioned after the War by Uchida
Most of the woodblock prints by Sadanobu Hasegawa III were made after world war II. These were the years when tourists came back to Japan again, and when the PX stores of the American occupation forces used to order Japanese prints by the thousands as cheap souvenirs.

The large number of the designs were commissioned and distributed by Uchida publishers in Kyoto, one of the oldest publishers in Japanese prints and still in business until our days.

After all, these woodblock prints were well made - all handmade in the old Japanese woodblock tradition. Often some of the lush features like embossing of metal pigments were applied. There is nothing wrong with them. On the contrary, excellent Japanese craftmanship quality!

Tips for Collectors
Woodblock prints by Sadanobu Hasegawa III are technically good, solid and well-made prints. They are usually to be found in good condition. And they are inexpensive.

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Lisburn, Nothern Ireland

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