1948 Kurtis Kraft Offenhauser Vintage Midget Race Car

  • 2500.00 £
  • Published date: July 9, 2024
    • Mitcham, London, United Kingdom

1948 Kurtis Kraft Offenhauser Vintage Midget Race Car

⭕ 1948 Kurtis Kraft Midget

For those of you that are wanting a Kurtis Kraft Midget But dont want to start out dropping 30 K for that completed Car .
I will try to describe this car to the best of my ability with the limited space available. If you have Questions or need more details please contact me.
The frame: A original Kurtis with serial #331 stamped in the correct locations. This dates the chassis to 1948.
It has parallel torsion rear and cross spring front. I believe that most of the mounting pads and hoops are original (still has the firewall to side panel strips on the cowl support). It has seen years of racing and will need further frame straightening and mountings for the bumpers etc. If you know Kurtis cars you know what is real and what is not ! Most of it is.

Body: Panels included are 3 Kurtis aluminum tail sections in various states of repair. 1 Kurtis Aluminum hood and cowl flair.
Original firewall with speed nuts still attached. Kurtis repop Offy grill

Tanks: Original Kurtis fuel tank and Offy dry sump oil tank.
Front end : Kurtis front axle, Hollywood spring, shackle, Ford front spindles to fit safety hubs, 1 safety hub one taper bearing hub, 3 two inch Brass knock offs, 2 miss matched pressure plates.
Norden steering.
Rear end : I have been told that the rear end is a Pat Warren, the castings are not broken or welded ! it includes lower shaft and coupler, 2 rear axles, a ring and pinion(will need modification to fit) torque tube and drive shaft.
Rear brakes: Are some sort of passenger car units that have been adapted to fit they are complete assemblies with drums.
Shocks: 4 hodiel shocks with links ( large style)
3 Torsion arms that are not Kurtis but are the correct spline dia. and could be used.
I believe that that is abut it. Please keep in mind that this is not a complete car and is a collection of vintage parts.

Phone number ✆ 027 4122 3756

Mitcham, London

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