Porsche 911 3.2 Liter Engine Motor

  • 2600.00 £
  • Published date: March 23, 2024
    • Coatbridge, Scotland, United Kingdom

Porsche 911 3.2 Liter Engine Motor

⭕ This is a 3.2 liter engine out of a 1985 Porsche 911 Carrera. It has 81,403 miles on it. The engine is in very good condition and runs great. Engine internal part number 930/21, serial number 64F04441.

All the fluids and filters were clean and fresh. The engine case is clean and dry. We ran the engine several times and it idled and ran great. It does not smoke and runs quietly.

We did a compression check and leakdown test which both showed very good results We pulled the lower and upper valve covers and inspected everything and everything looks super. This engine is ready to install and enjoy.

In order to facilitate a conversion into an earlier 911 or other car, we include in the sale the Motronic ECU, the engine wiring harness, fuel pump, fuel line ends, altitude sensor, fuel pump (DME) relay and Tachometer. The engine comes as shown with factory exhaust and heater blower motor still mounted on the engine. The fuel pump and lines are not shown but will be included.

The Porsche 3.2 engine makes an excellent replacement for any 911 from 1965-83. They are super reliable and powerful. The conversions are common and the results are spectacular. A lightweight 911 with additional torque and horsepower is a lot of fun.

Compression numbers:

Cyl #1 160

Cyl #2 160

Cyl#3 160

Cyl #4 155

Cyl#5 160

Cyl#6 160

Leakdown test:

Cyl#1 4%

Cyl#2 4%

Cyl#3 5%

Cyl#4 12%

Cyl#5 3%

Cyl#6 3%

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Coatbridge, Scotland

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