Post WW2 Rolls Royce Merlin 500/20 Engine From A Fiat G-59?

  • 2700.00 £
  • Published date: July 11, 2024
    • New Mills, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Post WW2 Rolls Royce Merlin 500/20 Engine From A Fiat G-59?

⭕ For sale a Rolls Royce Merlin 500/20 engine.

I inherited this engine and have toyed with the idea of making a very nice and large garden display piece or trying to make it a static runner. However, It has been moved outside where it has been sat now for around 3 years and my nice ideas arent going to happen anytime soon. It has been covered for that time, double wrapped in two heavy tarpaulins and I have just recoated it in another 15 litres of halfords finest motor oil. I wont pretend to know anything of detail about this engine but from people that have shown genuine interest and come and had a look it is believed to have been originally produced for a post world war 2 Italian Fiat G-59 aircraft in the late 50s. It is stamped L2 Fiat 6. The Engine number 30512x is also stamped on various parts including the sump and crank cases so perhaps someone with the knowledge could identify it from that. I was told that it might have made its way back on to these shores as an engine used by pinewood studios as part of a giant wind tunnel, again i have no evidence.

Phone number ✆ 01332 691748
New Mills, Derbyshire

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