Of Our Own Device

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  • Published date: May 14, 2024
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Of Our Own Device

⭕ Actually its £5.74 - but for some reason, it wont display as such! Available from Amazon as an ebook or directly from the author as a digitally signed PDF.

Reviewed By Joel R. Dennstedt for Readers Favorite
Two aspects of M.K. Souths complex espionage thriller, Of Our Own Device, starkly define the reading experience one must expect upon tackling this lengthy novel. The plotting is meticulous and brilliantly satisfying. The sex is graphic, detailed, and same gender, but it is not gratuitous, and it is absolutely essential and integral to the books unfolding storyline. The year is 1985, an historical period rife with Cold War strategy and tactical maneuvering between two primary players: the superpowers - Russia and the United States. Jack Smith, in deep cover with an alternate backstory to keep him well hidden, plies his dual trades under the predatory and acute scrutiny of the Soviet Union as Gorbachev comes into power, a time when glasnost and perestroika serve to belie the undercurrent of severe danger inherent to his placement, especially considering the devastating and imminent threat of nuclear war.

Amidst the cunning games of spy vs. spy played out during this unstable time, Jack Smith develops a strategic and unintentional emotional/sexual bond with a young Russian would-be rock star, who happens also to be an up-and-coming physicist studying the potential effects of nuclear winter. M.K. Souths treatment of their most clandestine affair within his novel becomes the essential metaphor and conflict serving to propel his ever more thrilling and dangerous storyline. Which particular secretive revelation might cause more damage to them both becomes a crucial consideration. Meanwhile, the book accelerates progressively toward a fateful, unanticipated, but highly satisfying conclusion.

If you google (other search engines are available!) MK South Of Our Own Device Or ISBN 978-1-48-359435-4 on Amazon, youll find a bunch of reviews.

Alternatively - reply to this advert and I will send you details for personalised PDFs, a better option as I envisgaged the book to be quite visual. Although purely text, I change the font and font colour at times to add emphasis. This cannot be replicated in the e-book version, or the printed edition due out later this year, so I regard the PDF as the gold standard.

Thank you for supporting an author who shuns prescriptive formulaic writing!

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