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⭕ The IFR 2975 P25 Radio Test Set is a test solution designed from the ground up to handle todays advanced communications applications. For complete transmitter spectrum performance testing, swept antenna and transmission line testing and at-a-glance troubleshooting, the 2975 comes standard with a digitized 2.7 GHz spectrum analyzer and dual-channel digital storage oscilloscope. Then, with the functionality of over 20 discreet instruments integrated into a single platform, the 2975 provides all the tools you need to perform comprehensive general purpose RF testing. The high-resolution color display and alphanumeric keypad with multi-task soft keys provide the foundation of a user-friendly interface. Then we re-thought our menu structure to make even the most complex test routines simple and straightforward. We also included a UUT test port for automated radio testing. Using the instruments exclusive Ethernet connection, the 2975 can be assigned a specific Internet Protocol (IP) address, creating a virtual instrument that can be redirected to a remote user for monitoring and testing purposes. The 2975 also can be configured with a P25 Trunking option that enables it to test P25 trunked radios in the 800 MHz band. Improved spectrum analyzer functions that allow the capture of the power up ramp, or the power down ramp signal. In addition, the number of vertically and horizontally configurable markers has been increased to eight.


Internet Virtual Instrumentation
P25 Trunking option
Project 25 parametric, protocol and Common Air Interface testing
Improved C4FM EVM meter now reports the frequency error and deviation at symbol time in addition to the modulation fidelity error
The new E-manual support provides the ability to create user manuals and application notes for display directly on the IFR 2975 user screen.
Quick Tune spectrum analyzer mode (use your mouse to click and tune signals)
RF Receive / Generate with full cross band Duplex Operation
C4FM / FM / AM modulation and demodulation
RF Power / Frequency / Frequency Error / Distortion / SINAD / AF Level / Voltage Meters

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