Manley Gold Stereo Reference Tube Microphone

  • 1200.00 £
  • Published date: July 5, 2024
    • Moreton, Dorset, United Kingdom

Manley Gold Stereo Reference Tube Microphone

⭕ Neumann killer is not something in which I use lightly,as I own many of them of different vintages,but the fact is that Neumann have not built a microphone to this uncompromising and ultimate standard for 40 years.
There is a US jazz label who produce whole recordings live,with just this mic on its own.If you are looking for a distorted,rounded heavy tube sounding mic,then this is not for you.However,if you are looking for clean,sweet and pure then there is nothing built today which matches the purity and accuracy of this mic.
I am sad to see it go,but I am moving into mixing and I just cant see something this valuable languishing on a shelf unused.Included along with the mic is the full kit including the power supply (110 and 220v) power cable to the mic and the top quality splitter cable to leave two XLR outputs from the mic.All of this is housed in a strong case.
This mic has wowed every client of mine when I have brought it out,and has certainly justified a very handsome hourly rate! However,the real benefit comes in its stellar sound.As well as of course being able to be used as a standard mono mic,this mic is effectively two of the Manley Gold reference tube mics together providing an instant perfect,reference stereo recording.
As you can see by the photos,not only is the mic in immaculate condition,it looks truly stunning-and yes-that is real 24k gold!

Phone number ✆ 01305 729753

Moreton, Dorset

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