1965 Trixon Speedfire

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  • Published date: May 20, 2024
    • Bentley, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom

1965 Trixon Speedfire

⭕ 1965 Trixon Speedfire kit in brand new,unplayed condition.Indeed,even from a cursory look at the pictures,its easy to see that the factory original Remo/Trixon drum heads are still in new condition and without stick marks;the original gold glitter wrap(with real glass embedded in the plastic) is unfaded and completely free of blemishes;the original calf-skin bass drum heads still look new;and the chrome plating on all the hardware still looks as it did when the drums left the factory 46 years ago. Simply stated,Im confident that when it comes to condition,this pristine Speedfire kit is without equal,essentially having been in a time capsule until now.
Founded by Carl Heinz Weimer in September of 1947,the Trixon Drum Company,of Hamburg,Germany,is best known and remembered for its most radical creation-the ellipsoidal shaped bass drum,which first appeared in the early 1950s.And for those who dont know it,not all Speedfire bass drums are identical from a dimensions standpoint:the earlier drums were a little taller and wider than those of the mid 60s and onward.However,the later bass drums had a little greater depth than the earlier ones,which measured 12-1/2 in that regard.
Having been made in 1965,with a height of 18-3/4 at its highest point,a width of 26 at its widest,and a depth of 13-1/4.All Speedfire bass drums,however,were made with a plywood partition on the inside of the shell that divided it into two compartments,thus creating two different tones with the pair of pedals that came with each kit-yet another innovation the company is renowned for.By the way,how do I know these drums were made in 1965? Its simple:they have a factory date-code number stamped on the inside of their shells that ends in 65, thus confirming when they were made.
The measurements of the other drums are as follows:mounted tom,13 by 9;floor tom,16 by 16;and matching snare drum with parallel strainer,14 by 5.Moreover,the shells of these drums were made from six plies of high quality beech wood (the total thickness being 8 mm),with Gretsch-style straight sides.

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Bentley, East Yorkshire

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