Rickenbacker 331 LIGHTSHOW With Original Case

  • 2000.00 £
  • Published date: July 15, 2024
    • Clitheroe, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Rickenbacker 331 LIGHTSHOW With Original Case


Am selling some guitars from my private collection:


The guitar is in fine condition and conforms to the typical specification of the model of the period in which it was made, with same body size and shape as a model 330 but with a translucent top and coloured lights inside the body which are activated by musical tones when the guitar is played, bound fingerboard with dot inlays, external power supply box, seperate plexi pickguard and original rectangular hard shell case with black Tolex covering and yellow plush lining.

Ultracool LIGHTSHOW. This ones is great shape all original and perfectly working electronics. If youre not too familiar with the Lightshow, the wild reflecting front comes from a double layer construction. The lower is a foil which does the amazing light reflections. As its a foil and quite flexible, its protected by the top, which is made from metacrylate (plexiglas). Rick made only a few of the Lightshows, so its quite rare to find a working not abused one. If you watch pic3 you can see the top plexi on the lower has two small cracks, around 2cm long around the toggle switch. Its in the plexi only, not the foil. It came from someone mounting the toggleswitch too hard. As plexis IS brittle, if the hole is not made perfect, it cracked by the tension. It is like this for over 15 years now, when I bought the guitar, and never changed in size. It is easy to repair by a metacrylic working shop - they reglue with vacuum and the result will be invisible. As I dont fiddle with guitars, I left it the way it came. It came with a spare/remooved pot. I didnt check if its a spare or replaced. As on many Ricks one can see the woodjoints on the rear peghead, someone tried to overpaint on one side. The guitar is in very fine condition, little signs of wear from normal play, some colour fade on neck as pictured, some beltbucklewear, no repairs(except described), no abuse. It has the original 110/115VAC powersupply, the original cable and the original additional plexi pickguard. Electronics brought up with a variac and lightshow working from 100VAC already. Undervoltage will prolong the life of the electronics.

Phone number ✆ 01704 749713
Clitheroe, Lancashire

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