Superb Antique Original Ernst Heinrich Roth Violin

  • 1900.00 £
  • Published date: July 9, 2024
    • Tolworth, London, United Kingdom

Superb Antique Original Ernst Heinrich Roth Violin

⭕ I am very proud to offer this superb 1925 Ernst Heinrich Roth violin for sale.

The violin is absolutely authentic and bears its genuine original label and brand.

The label is too large to capture in a single photo so I took three to show both the entire label and the brand.

This is the real thing. A fine vintage German violin, by a top maker, Ernst Heinrich Roth, in a superb state of preservation.

The violin is mint and in pristine original condition with no repairs or damages. The violin is entirely original with its original oil varnish showing some light crazing to the surface. There are virtually no marks, scratches nicks or dings. The violin looks nearly flawless but still has a glowing patina that is merely a pleasant reminder of its true age. It is rare, if not impossible, to find a high-grade Roth violin like this in such pristine and immaculate condition.

The violins of Ernst Heinrich Roth are among the most sought after of all German violins. And the reproduction grades like this example, made in the 1920s, are the most sought after of all German violins. The Roth tradition of quality workmanship, choice of premium materials, and consistency in always getting it right, separate these fine instruments from the large numbers of inferior and common commercial products often labeled anonymously or with the fake label of some Italian master. The Stradivarius and Guarnerius models are the most desirable of all Roth reproductions.

The tone of this violin is what one would expect from a Roth violin. It is a warm and darker tone, sonorous and delightfully even across the strings. The violin has tremendous power and huge volume that one would expect from a Guarnerius model. The tone is brilliant and penetrating but with a rounded and weighty core that gives it the warmth and sweetness that is at the very soul of the instrument. This is a violin that does everything well, from the lower positions right up the fingerboard. It has a robust singing voice, rich, solid and full. It is clear, clean, and very easy to play. For those who have played a fine Roth violin, all the depth and clear focus of this violin will not be a surprise. But for those who have not had the pleasure of playing a truly fine instrument, this violin will undoubtedly be a rare treat. This is a violin that is easy to listen to and a pleasure to play. This is an instrument capable of great expression and unfolds layers of overtones and color when played well.

This violin is capable of solo performance in the largest venues.

The back measures 14 1/8 inches or 359mm.

The strings are fresh Evah Pirazzi.

I have included many close-up photos intended to be both representative and revealing. I am happy to provide additional photos if I missed an area of interest. Please look over the photos carefully and feel welcome to ask questions.

When investing in a violin of quality, any expert would advise buying the best example, from the makers best period, in the finest condition obtainable. This violin meets all those criteria.

This violin is for sale and it will make some lucky player very happy. I need to get very close to the asking price but allowed for a bit of room for good-natured haggling. If the violin does not get a good offer I will relist it in an auction style listing and sell it to the highest bidder. It will likely bring more than my asking price as these violins are highly sought after and increasingly rare in this condition.

Phone number ✆ 07342 263945
Tolworth, London

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