Rover V8 3.9 TVR Engine And LT77 Gearbox

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  • Published date: March 19, 2024
    • Bingley, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Rover V8 3.9 TVR Engine And LT77 Gearbox

⭕ If you are reading this then you have found the right place, as if you are looking for one of these Engine box combos...this is the one to have....

It is no small coincidence that the Rover V8 has been the modifiers choice of V8 engine for production since the 60s and having been fitted by BL/Rover to anything and everything that needed more power - it is THE go to engine. WHY?
•It is light and compact
•Masses of support and literature available
•Excellent parts supply
•Tunable - from mild 3.5 to 5.0 turbo/supercharged, its all been done.
•Off the shelf installation kits to suit many vehicles - MGB, TR7/8, kit cars etc, etc
•Simple to install with one fuel line and a live feed to the coil - done.
•Robust and reliable - the only problems come through abuse/neglect. Keep it cool and change the oil - itll love you forever!
•No cambelts, electronics or voodoo to keep on top of.
•Of course - THE NOISE!

So there are just a few of the many good reasons you are contemplating fitting a Rover V8 to your pride and joy, so read on to see why this one is an excellent choice for you!

What is it?

Engine Code:- 47A40P****

3.9 L with 9.8:1 Compression

Originally fitted as you see it, engine and box, to an early 93 ish TVR Chimaera which were fitted with the very best H suffix LT77 gearbox. Purported to have done only 38k miles it is in excellent condition - just view the photos taken of the valley and rocker box areas and Im sure you will agree that is entirely believable.

These engines were sidelined purely for small volume manufacturers such as TVR and Morgan, so this has never seen a 4x4 or a trailer. Just a GRP or wooden body and two frightened people to throw around! As such they have a unique engine code added (above) in addition to the one rover stamped into the block.

I bought this from an abandoned hot rod project and had planned for it to go in my Landrover - I have since built a 4,6 which more suits my needs so this is surplus.

It shares all the improvments of the later engines such as a stiffer block, improved oil pump capacity, larger valves and ports, unleaded capability, better main cap location, valve stem seals and proper oil seals rather than a bit of rope!

However this is better still! The compression was raised to 9.8:1 and double valve springs added for higher rpms. When running on fuel injection in a TVR these engines were reported to produce 240 bhp. This engine fitted with the Holley 4 barrel should easily be capable of that.

Speaking of the Holley - this is in excellent condition and is fitted to a suitable manifold with take off for servo braking and a breather system. Being a fixed jet carb there is precious little to go wrong here, keep the fuel clean and the linkages oiled and itll give reliable service for years to come. There is an SU fuel pump shown in the pictures which is NOT included. A suitable low pressure pump such as a Facet or Holley pump would be ideal. An air cleaner would be needed, but I didnt include one due to the variety of installations. These are easily found in various shapes and sizes.

There is a late type starter fitted, 65 amp alternator in a compact, low position and a steel rear well sump thatll suit most applications and is easily modded if not. There is no PAS pump on this but a spare V belt groove on the crank is present to allow one.

There are tubular type manifolds fitted at present, these come with the stubs to allow you to connect to your system. Also a pair of engine mount brackets, gearbox mounting and suitable propshaft. This could be mated to the rear half of your existing prop saving on having one built from scratch. I do have a longer one available and a CV type to suit a TR7 conversion, take whichever suits your job!

Because this is a car engine the front cover and water pump setup is neat, short and compact - essential when fitting into most conversions....

The TVR distributor remains, which is a 2 wire electronic type. You can see this prewired on the engine at the moment to the Bosch coil. You literally supply the live side of the coil, connect petrol and operate the starter - done.

Prior to converting to the Holley I ran this engine up with a full radiator and diagnostics connected to the ECU. From this I could see that th oil pressure was excellent, there was no pressurising of the cooling system and no noises or smoke. I would very happily use this for myself or one of my customers. So often you are faced with buying an unknown quantity - this is proven good.

The transmission is exactly as TVR intended with manual flywheel, clutch and release arm.

Gearbox serial number - 28A*******H

This relates to the last specification of LT77 car gearbox Rover made. It was used for service exchanges on SD1s and in the low volume cars such as TVR. As such it is a rare beast in its own right with improve sychro and bearing arrangements. This gives you the correct long gearing to make the most of the torque these engine produce. I have inspected the oil and it is fresh and clean. The box selects gears easily and makes no untoward noises. It is clean and oil tight as befits a unit having done low miles.

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