C.E. Heinke & Co. Ltd Diving Helmet

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  • Published date: June 6, 2024
    • Rock, Cornwall, United Kingdom

C.E. Heinke & Co. Ltd Diving Helmet

⭕ Presented is C.E. Heinke & Co. Ltd. diving helmet with matching bonnet/corselet (breast plate) serial number 2254 (Heinke didnt number the brails, and faceports). By the company name (Ltd.) and serial number it dates from mid. 1930s. I wont go into history of heinke hats, more info you can find out on http://www.divingheritage.com/heinke.htm, or in french http://www.pieds-lourds.com/Pages/pages.htm. For serious collectors, name speaks for itself. Heinke helmets are much rarer, than their British counterparts Siebe Gorman. Produced in far smaller series, were renown for their use in Australian pearling industry. London Port Authority also used to use them: http://www.britishpathe.com/record.php?id=47392, http://www.britishpathe.com/record.php?id=47760. Hence the name pearler associated with their most produced type of helmet, with square corselet. This helmet has a round type corselet, made in true Heinke fashion, of solid piece of cast bronze, is much rarer to find than square. Weather this corselet is a later modified pearler or a small series of helmets produced with round corselet at clients request, I wouldnt dare to say. The latter theory is supported by: I bought this helmet some time ago, in Trieste (Italy) in a batch of three hats (other two Galeazzi). Think they were ordered with round type of corselet, to be used with Italian pirelli suits with round collars.

The brails (brasses) of this helmet are NOT original, but home made (presumably original were lost, and replacements made), and the wingnuts are Galeazzi. The exhaust valve and spitcock valve are seized, and not operational. The non return, air inlet valve moves, but a locking nut is seized. The front port has a small crack on the glass. Side ports are complete, and fitted with grills.

All in all, its fairly complete and original example of a Heinke diving helmet, with matching numbers. Unique opportunity for a collector to acquire one. Restore it or display in this condition, with great patina age, and a look of hard working life.

Phone number ✆ 01326 931257

Rock, Cornwall

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