1963 VOX FAWN AC-30 AC30 VINTAGE TUBE AMP AMPLIFIER! - Musical Instruments - By Dealer

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  • Published date: July 17, 2024
    • Wetheral, Cumbria, United Kingdom

1963 VOX FAWN AC-30 AC30 VINTAGE TUBE AMP AMPLIFIER! - Musical Instruments - By Dealer

⭕ Original 1963 fawn Vox AC-30 amplifier head. Early Vox AC-30 heads are rare enough, but to find one 100% original in fawn is becoming almost impossible. This amp is completely intact and still retains; original fawn tolex and original era appropriate grill cloth (still has original gold piping!), original candy panel control plate, all 3 original matching Woden transformers, 99% of the original capacitors/transistors, all original pots and wiring, original hardware, original chicken head knobs, and original JMI tremelo/vibrato footswitch! The chassis serial number is XXXXX, which indicates a 1963 production date. The cabinet serial number (which is always different from its corresponding original chassis) is 604, which renders this the EARLIEST AC-30 cabinet of its type according to the experts. Various capacitors have a 1963 date code as well.
This amp sounds absolutely incredible. The Brilliant channel has the sweetest and most musical natural gain of any AC-30. It is loud with plenty of headroom, yet sounds MUCH better than your typical AC-30. Of the 50 Vox amps we have had in our personal possession, this is probably the best. It has the creamy overdrive of a Marshall 18-watt Bluesbreaker, while producing substantially more serious highs complemented by mic-blowing lows. The Vib-Trem channel sounds just as good but features the best amp Leslie-like Vibrato ever available built in to an amp. The normal channel produces slightly less output, but due to its originality and sonic quality of the other channels, we have been reluctant to perform an unnecessary service.

Electronically, the amp is 99% original. All of the important components are original to this amp. The only changed electronic parts are; the speaker output jack (changed from the 5-pin to a more practical quarter inch), the power cable, and ONLY two capacitors. Otherwise the inside of the amp looks just as it did the day it was made.
Cosmetically, the amp is completely original except for the small Vox logo. Otherwise, the amp is physically 100% original including; tolex, grill cloth, handle (with early Marshall-style brackets), candy panel, knobs, chrome feet, back panel, Vox serial number plate, and screws. The condition of the fawn tolex is very nice. It has aged attractively and appears to be evenly discolored by smoke. The grill cloth is also in pretty good condition, but does exhibit the typical fraying and wear that Voxs commonly display. There are several large scratches on the back that have not compromised the integrity of the tolex, and although the scratches appear to have not damaged the Vox serial number plate, the scratches do NOT continue under the panel.

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