Oxford Synthesizer Company OSCar Synth Nr MintServiced OSC Vintage Syn

  • 1300.00 £
  • Published date: May 10, 2024
    • Minstead, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Oxford Synthesizer Company OSCar Synth Nr MintServiced OSC Vintage Syn


Offered for sale is this Oscar in very near mint cosmetic condition and perfect working order.

It is incredibly clean for a synth thats nearly 30 years old and is without doubt the best one weve sold (see detailed photos below). There is minimal wear to the paintwork, the keys are shiny and clean, the rubber casing is exceptionally good with no obvious signs of perishing - the rubber parts are undamaged (most Oscars suffer from these parts breaking off and its uncommon to find one with no damage).

Our definition of mint is as it left the factory - clearly very few if any used synths of this age can be described thus; this OSCar truly is in near mint condition.

It has just been serviced by James Walker at Synth Repair Services (one of the UKs most respected vintage synth techs who has a particular fondness for OSCars) and hes given it a clean bill of health. He also looked after it for the previous owner: its been very well-maintained and has had a good deal of work carried out both in the recent service and over the past 8 years. As a result, we dont believe you will find a better example of this iconic British synth anywhere else.
Cosmetically, it has just one issue that we can make out: the low F key is slightly yellower than the others; it may have been replaced at some point in the past. It has been PAT-tested for electrical safety.

At 30 years old OSCars generally need a few things replacing/improving if they are to continue working as intended - especially the Midi board connections which can be very unreliable, resulting in synth that can stop working when moved from one room to another, never mind being sent by courier. The original control pots tend to become unreliable and often need replacing. Everything necessary and advisable has been done to bring it up to top spec and make this amazing vintage synth as reliable as possible: it should reach its new owner in perfect working order.

Its serial number is 06XX and has the midi board and latest OS Eprom (OM2a).

There are no known operational faults with this synth.
(Please note: it is always possible with vintage equipment that some crackly pots/sliders may develop over time when equipment has not been used - even during shipping - this can usually be easily rectified either by use or judicious application of suitable switch-cleaning spray).

This is an incredible-sounding synth - a classic British synthesizer - unique and idiosyncratic, but immensely-rewarding to program. Rare and much sought-after by players, sound-designers and collectors.
Prices of OSCars have risen steadily in recent years and continue to rise: this comes as no surprise to those who know them... To buy one just as an investment would be utterly wrong - its an outstanding instrument that rewards the user with a wealth of sonic possibilities and the promise of something different - and in these days of identikit presets and plug ins that is something rather special.

Phone number ✆ 07317 340869
Minstead, Hampshire

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