TC Electronic System 6000

  • 1500.00 £
  • Published date: July 3, 2024
    • Lynmouth, Devon, United Kingdom

TC Electronic System 6000

⭕ The mighty TC Electronic System 6000. What an incredible piece. This one has 8 digital inputs and outputs and 4 stereo processing engines.

I am the second owner, but this unit is in excellent shape and has never had a problem. It has always been on a power conditioner, no smoking, etc...

The Mastering includes:

MD4 - Considered the best sounding multi-band compressor available at any price. MD4 can do regular, parallel, or MDX compression on each band. The parallel compression is incredible for fattening up lows (but somehow they dont get in the way) and adding dimension to mids and highs. The MDX is designed to bring-up low level details and sounds like nothing you have heard. It can unlock overly compressed highs and high-mids. MD4 also has the incredible Brickwall 2 algorithm. Though I usually used Brickwall 2 on its own after MD4 because it has more options and better metering in stand-alone mode.

MD3 - the punchiest multiband I have heard. I couldnt figure-out what it was, if it was the initial presets or just the way it sounds. I used MD3 to punch-up music and my clients would go nuts. I would follow MD3 with Brickwall 2 rather than the Brickwall (1) in MD3. A winning combination for hundreds of projects.

Brickwall2 - This is the best sounding digital limiter I have ever heard. It literally made me feel guilty for all the projects I sent-out before I had it. I have done many blind tests (with the help of my wife) and Brickwall 2 always wins. It is the classiest, most musical limiter out there. This was the reason I spent $9000 on the system 6000 to begin with. It was worth it.

De-ess - No one mentions the De-ess algortithm, but it is EXCELLENT and transparent and can be used in M/S mode so you can apply de-essing to the center channel (lead vocal) and not the stereo stuff (overheads). This de-ess has saved my butt hundreds of times.

The reverbs are the best sounding I have ever heard aside from the real EMT plates I use at work. For me, plug-in reverbs still are there yet. I used to send to 4 separate stereo reverbs on the System 6000(digitally) from Protools and return them digitally back to aux inputs. This would take the reverb load off my host computer and would return reverbs that were the real-deal. It put my ITB mixes on a completely different plane than everyone else. Again, clients would go nuts and re-hire me and recommend me.

The TC Electronic M5000 is an incredible piece from the mid 90s. It has incredible sound quality and wonderful reverbs and delays. All of the programs from the legendary M5000 are also included in the System 6000.

The System 6000 is miles-deep. There is a lot on this unit I am yet to even discover.

The whole thing about the System 6000 is it puts you on a different level than everyone else.


The ICON touch screen remote control the motorized faders

The 1 rack unit ICON computer (controls the ICON)

The 3 Rack unit System 6000 mainframe

The Icon cable (I think it is 25 feet long)

A db25 to 8xlr inputs and 8xlr outputs cable to interface 8 AES digital I/Os to the mainframe

Phone number ✆ 07785 455382
Lynmouth, Devon

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