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  • Published date: September 23, 2023
    • Greenfield, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom


⭕ I have a pleasure to offer you, this fabulous Antique French Sterling Silver Flatware Set of 159 Pieces housing in beautiful wood chest, made by famous silversmith Olier & Caron, circa 1910!

A magnificent complete set for twelve people, from starter to dessert, to eat, to serve, all what you need is here! It decorated with elegant Art Deco style, simple yet sophisticated, perfectly fits for modern table. The set comprising sterling silver forks, spoons, knives with ebony handle, curving set, dessert serving set, salade servings, sugar sifter, sugar tongs, ladles, and more! See below for the details.

As hallmarks we have The French Minerva No.1 on each piece of silver, which indicates the best quality of French sterling silver 950/1000 (finest than sterling) used in Paris since 1838. As masters mark we have of Olier et Caron, succeeded from great silversmith Henri Soufflot in 1910, they worked until 1938 in Paris.

The total weight of sterling silver of this set is 7110gram, from the wholly sterling pieces (117pc), not inclucing sterling blades of knives with ebony handle.
Great asset for your collection, and also, a great investment piece!

This beautiful Antique French Sterling Silver Dessert Flatware Set is in Excellent Condition! The fish knives and the curving set can see a trace of use, and some of the ebony handles have hairlines from age, but all the other pieces are in Excellent Condition, less than usual light scratches.

- First drawer (*indicates whole sterling silver)
12 dinner forks 81/4 (20.9cm), 2.9oz (82g) each / total 2:03.3oz (1002g)*
12 dinner spoons 81/4 (20.9cm), 2.9oz (81g) / 2:03.1 (967g)*
12 dessert forks 71/8 (18.1cm), 1.8oz (50g) / 1:05.2 (601g)*
12 dessert spoons 71/8 (18.1cm), 1.9oz (53g) / 1:06.3 (633g)*
1 butter knife 73/8 (18.7cm), 1.2oz (35g)
12 ice cream spoons 53/8 (13.8cm), 1oz (28g) / 12.2oz (345g)

Second drawer
12 dinner knives 95/8 (24.6cm), 1.8oz (51g) / 1:04.8oz (591g)
12 fish knives 81/4 (21.1cm), 2.2oz (62g) / 1:10.6oz (756g)*
12 fish forks 7 (17.7cm), 1.8oz (51g) / 1:05.7oz (614g)*
12 tea/coffee spoons 53/8 (13.6cm), 0.8oz (24g) / 10.2oz (290g)*
1 small dessert serving fork 53/8 (13.8cm), 1oz (27g)*
1 individual tart sarver 51/8 (13.2cm), 1.2oz (35g)*
1 small dessert serving knife 61/2 (16.5cm), 1.1oz (32g)*
1 small sugar sifter 55/8 (14.3cm), 1.4oz (41g)*
1 cheese knife 8 (20.3cm), 1.1oz (30g)

- Third drawer
12 fruits knives (sterling blades) 8 (20.2cm), 1.2oz (34g) / 14.7oz (417g)
12 fruits knives
(inox blades) 8 (20.3cm), 1oz (30g) / 12.5oz (355g)
1 pâté server 53/4 (14.5cm), 1.2oz (35g)*
1 sugar tongs 47/8 (12.5cm), 1.6oz (46g)*
1 small serving spoon 55/8 (14.3cm), 1.1oz (32g)*
1 small serving fork 53/8 (13.8cm), 0.8oz (23g)*
1 sugar sifter 81/2 (21.5cm), 2.6oz (75g)*
1 strawberry server 81/2 (21.5cm), 3.2oz (102g)*
1 sugar tongs
(lions paws) 53/8 (13.7cm), 2.0oz (56g)*
1 ice cream server 97/8 (25cm), 4.2oz (118g)*
1 cake server 103/8 (26.3cm), 4.7oz (132g)*
1 tart server 103/8 (26.3cm), 4.6oz (131g)*

- Fourth drawer
1 curving knife 15/8 (32.2cm), 3.4oz (103g)
1 gravy ladle 97/8 (25cm), 3.6oz (103g)*
1 sauce ladle 73/8 (18.8cm), 2.5oz (73g)*
1 curving fork 107/8 (27cm), 3.3oz (94g)
1 fish serving fork 9 (22.8cm), 4oz (112g)*
1 bone holder 81/8 (20.8cm), 3.6oz (104g)
1 large serving spoon 101/4 (26.1cm), 4.7oz (132g)*
1 fish serving knife 103/8 (26.4cm), 4.7oz (133g)*
1 salade serving spoon 101/4 (26cm), 3.6oz (101g)*
1 soup ladle 11/4 (31cm), 8.3oz (236g)*
1 salade serving fork 101/4 (26cm), 4.2oz (116g)*

Phone number ✆ 01865 150541
Greenfield, Oxfordshire

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