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For your consideration is this incredibly rare 100% ALL ORIGINAL 1962 Fender Stratocaster in original factory sonic blue finish. This slab-board Strat, serial #XXXXX, features; original factory sonic blue finish over a daphne blue uunder-coat, original electronics (including; pickups, pots, capacitors, cloth wiring), all original and untouched solder joints, original matching 1962 Stackpole pots with corresponding 304 6232 date codes, original and un-cracked Green guard, original frets, all original hardware and screws, and original brown hard case.
This is an extremely rare guitar given the original sonic blue finish. Slab board Strats are rare in ANY finish, let alone a rare custom color such as sonic blue. It is also important to note that both John Lennon and George Harrison of The Beatles owned and played 1962 sonic blue Stratocasters. In fact, it was Harrisons 62 sonic blue which was later transformed into the famous Rocky Strat!


I got this guitar from my uncle who passed away recently.


THE FINISH: As stated, the Sonic Blue Duco DuPont nitrocellulose finish, which was sprayed over a coat of Daphne Blue (the slightly darker blue color exposed beneath the light blue coat) is 100% authentic and original to this awesome guitar. It is very common that Fender would use an entirely different color as an undercoat. Blue instruments will often have a different shade of blue, white, or even desert sand finish as the undercoat. The finish is over an Alder body, and has faded to a more yellowed version of Sonic blue as evident when inspecting the finish under the pickguard. which has not yellowed and remains as when the guitar was new. The neck also retains all of its original clear nitrocellulose lacquer finish. The three original nail holes are easily recognized and original, as this was the means Fender employed to dry pre-1963 Fender finishes.
The neck and body share the exact same fingerprint where corresponding remnants of finish are transferred from the bottom of the neck to the neck pocket or vice-versa, which is only seen on original finish Fender instruments from this era that have remained assembled for the entirety of their existence. The neck plate also makes a permanent impression upon the back of the body which results in a perfectly mirrored registration of where paint/dirt/oxidation has been sandwiched since originally assembled.

THE NECK: The neck has original single-line Kluson Deluxe tuners. No extra holes nor any modifications were made to the headstock whatsoever. The original Spaghetti logo is completely intact and remains very crisp. All of the frets are original and exhibit typical, although considerably minimal, fret wear and oxidation. The Brazilian Rosewood slab board fingerboard is very thick and has original clay dot inlays. The neck has an ink stamped date code of 2JUN62B. The back of the neck exhibits interesting wear consistent with that on the body. The neck is perfectly straight, and the medium-large size soft-C profile is perfect. This neck is the quintessential Fender slab board neck. It feels comfortable, smooth, manageable, and effortless.
THE BODY: The body is made of Alder, as can be determined by the tight and symmetrical grain pattern, which is quite apparent since the original finish has been partially absorbed by the body due to age. All of the routs are original and beautifully display original mill marks and original saw forensics. There are 3 original nail holes; one to the immediate left of the where the bottom of the fingerboard meets the body, one near a bottom pickguard screw hole on the bass side of the bridge, and one in the input jack cavity. The cavities are crisp and show both wood and Daphne blue finish emerging from beneath the Sonic blue finish on ALL lightly painted cavity walls. Unfortunately, the current owner installed a Black unlaminated after market 8-screw hole pattern replacement guard, but kept the original green guard which we uninvasively reinstalled. What remains are two small extra screw holes under the guard, neither of which can be seen with the guitar as is. We know that this minor issue can be easily filled and touched up, but as always prefer that the next owner make that choice.

THE ELECTRONICS: The electronics are 100% ALL ORIGINAL. The original pickups work perfectly and have not been re-wound. The pickups sound ridiculously amazing! All of the Stackpole potentiometers are dated 304 6232. The 3-way switch is original, as is every solder joint on this guitar. All of the knobs function perfectly. Masking tape still routes the original cloth-wiring.

THE PARTS and HARDWARE: All of the parts are original to this guitar. The Kluson tuners, the string tree, the nut, the frets, the green pickguard, the knobs, the bridge block and pieces, the pickup covers, the back plate, the input jack plate, the switch tip, the strap pins, the screws, etc. ARE ALL 100% ORIGINAL to THIS STRAT!

THE ACCESSORIES: Included with the guitar is; the original brown case, and original tremelo arm.

The guitar is very light and weigns 7 pounds and 13 ounces, and feels perfectly balanced when playing with it resting upon your knee. The neck feels amazing and the action is great. More importantly, the guitar sounds fantastic. All three standard positions of the 3-way switch produce very clear, robust, and dynamic harmonic tones, and the 2 positions in between do not create a nasty nasal mid-range like most Strats, rather even those extra positions sound like an extension of the given tone selections. This guitar sounds and plays incredible. It is not only a collectors guitar, but a very very superior quality players instrument.

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