NEVE 66 Series Custom Mixing Console

  • 4400.00 £
  • Published date: May 19, 2024
    • Fleetwood, Lancashire, United Kingdom

NEVE 66 Series Custom Mixing Console

⭕ This is a custom Neve 66 Series mixing console configured with 12 mono input modules,
2 (Left and Right) main outputs, 2 mono auxiliary sends and two control room monitor outputs.
The mixing busses of Neve 66 Series are fully balanced.
The CMOS ICs are modern design powered by +5V DC.

Each mono input module boasts:
- Two inputs - microphone or line sensitivity;
- Transformer balanced fully discrete microphone stage;
- Transformer balanced line input;
- Input gain with 0.5dB increments;
- 48V phantom power;
- Phase reverse;
- Mic/line input switch;
- High pass/ low pass filters;
- The famous parametric Four Band Formant Spectrum Equalizer (peaking and shelving);
- Two mono auxiliary sends with pre/post and on/off each (please, spcify if you wish the auxiliary sends
to be set pre or post fader when you order the console;
- Direct output selectable pre/post fader pre/post EQ fully balanced;
- Insert Send/Return fully balanced;
- Penny & Giles fader.

The switching of all the functions of the console is Virtually Silent -- this allows the use of any console switch without clicks or scratches.

The master section is custom designed using Calrec Q Series master modules.
Calrec Q Series were chosen for the following reason:
- Superb sound quality;
- Huge headroom and output (+27dBu);
- Transformer balanced outputs (including the two control room monitors);
- Great design and facilities easy to integrate with Neve 66 Series console;
- Physical dimensions makes it suitable to fit the master section in the meter bridge of Neve 66;

The master section is designed to be fitted with SIFAM VU meters or Calrec high grade bargraph meters.

The console is powered by two Calrec external power supply.

All inputs and outputs appear on EDAC/ELCO 56 multipin connectors.

We designed and manufactured custom breakout panel with XLR and ¼ connectors.

Remote bantam or ¼ patchbays (instead of the breakout panel) can be supplied if required.

This console was manufactured in 1994 for BBC, London -- it was meticulously maintained and serviced by BBC engineering department.

The console was fully recapped in 2010 years decommissioned from service in 2012.
It is fully serviced, tested and working.

Length -- 22 (559mm), Height 41 (1041mm), Depth 45.6 (1157mm).

Mains Supplies:
230 VAC/50 Hz or 117 VAC/60Hz.

We can ship anywhere in the world.

Phone number ✆ 07537 326516
Fleetwood, Lancashire

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