Masamitsu Signed Japanese Long Samurai Katana Sword

  • 1500.00 £
  • Published date: February 11, 2024
    • Polperro, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Masamitsu Signed Japanese Long Samurai Katana Sword

⭕ Japanese long Katana sword in Koshirae decorative fitting and Shirasaya fitting.


l Long Katana sword in Koshirae decorative fitting

l Shirasaya fitting for better maintenance of the blade

l Sword bag, which is made of beautiful Kimono cloth

l NBTHK Certification (original)

l Sword registration issued by Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education (copy)


l NBTHK, most prestigious Japanese sword organization in Japan, issued the certificate attesting the legitimacy of the sword just this year, which should appeal collectors who feel comfortable with more recent certificate!

l The blade is 72.4 cm/28 1/2 long!

l The shape of the blade is elegant while giving beefy feeling!

l The blade is well forged and has nice forging grains and beautiful Hamon temper line! Enjoy them in the close up pictures.

l This sword is made by the swordsmith master, Masamitsu, and his signature is engraved in the Nakago tang!

l The date of make is engraved on the back of the Nakago tang, which is called Ura-nenki and usually increases the value of the sword!

l Comes with Shirasaya fitting for better maintenance besides the decorative Koshirae fitting!

l The Saya scabbard is very nicely lacquered in black!

l The Habaki collar is very nice!


The blade is in good condition with scratches and flaws, which are not fatal.

There are dirt like marks around 33 cm/13 from the top. These marks seem to be certain polish effects. These are shown very overtly in the close up pictures below due to the high macro function of the camera lens and shooting light; however, these marks are not so visible when being seen by actual eye.

There is a small pocket around the same spot as the above mark.

All the above flaws are not fatal, otherwise NBTHK does not issue a certificate under their current strict standard.

The Koshirae fitting is in very good condition with normal wares seen in items of this age.

Sold as-is.

SIZE (approximation):

l Cutting Edge Length: 72.4 cm (!) (28 1/2)

l Moto-haba: 29.5 mm

l Saki-haba: 20 mm

l Moto-gasane: 8 mm

l Saki-gasane: 5.5 mm

l Sori curve: 13 mm

l Kissaki point: 42.7 mm

l Nakago tang length: 24 cm (9 3/8)

l Koshirae fitting: 103.5 cm (40 3/4)

WEIGHT (approximation):

l Bare blade: 886 g (!) (2 lb)

l When fit in Koshirae fitting: 1,381 g (3 lb)

Phone number ✆ 07392 312149
Polperro, Cornwall

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