German Spangenhelm Silver Plates

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  • Published date: June 15, 2024
    • Morecambe, Lancashire, United Kingdom

German Spangenhelm Silver Plates

⭕ For sale comes up a wonderful German Spangenhelm from collection of a good friend of mine from Munich.
In my opinion it is in a quite good condition and I think it probably could come from 11th or 12th century.

Although the brow-band is not completely preserved - a piece of it is missing - the other parts look pretty good.
The iron strips that connect four silver plates are a little bit dented. Each of this silver plates has a big cross on it.

The plates are a little bit damaged. They are about 0,5 mm thick.
It is estimated that they all together could weigh about 300 gram - so quite a lot.
The helmet is covered inside with very thin iron plates riveted like the silver parts together on the iron strips.
Thats why I do not know if this helmet offered enough protection.The way I see it it might have had a representative function.

Especially because of the silver plates which must have been very expensive.
It would have been really a great pity if they had been damaged in a battle.
Every second rivet on the brow-band inside has a small nearly round iron parts.
They were used to attach lining. Under two of them there are small remnants of the liner.
The helmet was a bit cleaned by me using iron brush. I quickly realized that this makes no sense.
The surface can unfortunately hardly be cleaned mechanically. This brings almost no results.

The helmet weighs about 1 kilogram.

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