Velomobile Recumbent Tricycle Bicycle Go ONe 3

  • 2600.00 £
  • Published date: September 18, 2023
    • Sund, Durham, United Kingdom

Velomobile Recumbent Tricycle Bicycle Go ONe 3

⭕ This model has the hard top with the Bionx pedal assist.It is wired for lights,blinkers,a stop light/tail light in back,it has a horn,blue LED lights under chasey at night for safety (as well as the cool factor).A custom neck rest (really helps with the long distance rides),surround speakers for i-pod hook-up, turning signals on the side mirrors,black wheel covers,and two hard cover water proof paniers with combination locks.Has alarm you can set when not in use.All parts are Shimano.Drum brakes.
Made in Germany (you know its quality).
Enjoy the aerodynamics of a fully enclosed ride.Great for commuting,keeping warm in the winter months and rideing topless in the warmer months (top easily snaps off).The stable trike design insures saftey with slippery road conditions.Put an end to dangerous slips and falls!Feels like a formula one when you ride it topless,because of how you sit,steer,and the body.
These are not cheap.Without the Bionx (electric back wheel),lights,or any of the added features.Just the body alone.This kind of deal does not come along very often.
Body is made of Carbon Fiber,and Kevlar,weights 50lbs without the pedal assist.
No need for registration and insurance.It is considered a tricycle and legal on all roads,sidewalks, and bike paths.
Let the battery do the work as you pedal,or alone with the throttle.Cruise alone comfortably at an average of 20MPH on flats.When your battery is depleted,just switch the controls to generative power and replenish your battery by pedaling.Or you can save the motor for when you really need it for hills. It will go 60 miles on a single charge (depending on terrain).
The maximum rider height and weight that can be accommodated?
Riders in the height range of 56to 62 and at a maximum weight 220 lbs.seem to be the best candidates for the Go-One.Considering the ergonomic variables each rider posses.

Phone number ✆ 0191 473 3078

Sund, Durham

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